Medical / Legal Reports

Medical and Legal reports must be requested in writing by a patient’s legal representative or insurance agency, and include a current Authority to Release Information form signed by the patient.

Requests for a report will only be accepted for current paitents. We do not see patients solely for the purpose of preparing a report.

A patient can not request the report, and the requested information will only be released to the legal representative or insurance company which has the authority to obtain the information.

Reports can take up to four weeks to produce.

Costs will be incurred and are the responsibility of the requesting organisation/ company, and must be paid in full prior to release of the information.

Please direct any queries to (03) 4343 1333.

NB: Any requsts for completion of a report and/or form for such things as firearm’s licences and similar, must be completed by a Forensic Psychiatist


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